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  1. Is B.O.S.S. an acronym? What is the mission of B.O.S.S. The Movement?
  2. What is the vision of B.O.S.S. The Movement?
  3. How long has the curriculum been in existence?
  4. Who are the Founders of B.O.S.S. The Movement?

Youth Trainers:

  1. Where does the curriculum take place?
  2. How can I start a curriculum in my church?
  3. How do I become a trainer?


  1. What is the age range and what does the curriculum teach?
  2. Who will be teaching my child/children?
  3. Is there a cost for the curriculum?


  1. What are other kids saying about B.O.S.S.?
  1. B.O.S.S. is an acronym for “building on spiritual substance.”  The mission of B.O.S.S. The Movement is to teach the relevance of God and His Word in meeting one’s need for success; and to economically empower youth through the development of their talents.
  2. The vision of B.O.S.S. The Movement is a global generation trained to win the world for Jesus Christ through Kingdom economics, “doing business God’s way.”
  3. The curriculum was founded in 1985 in the Compton Unified School District by ministers of the Gospel, master motivators and international speakers Al & Hattie Hollingsworth.  Since its inception, B.O.S.S. The Movement and its training principles have been embraced around the world in countries and regions including Manila, Philippines, Jakarta, Indonesia, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Kingston, Jamaica, Kiev, Ukraine, Brussels, Belgium, Venice, Italy and Ghana, Africa.

 4. Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, B.O.S.S. The Movement was founded by husband and wife team Al & Hattie Hollingsworth.  The Hollingsworths are wealthy business leaders, international speakers and ministers of the Gospel.  They are successful Christian entrepreneurs and CEO's with over 38 years of experience in the contract packaging business (www.aldelano.com).  The Hollingsworths are owners of the Alhatti Private Christian Resort, a four-star conference, retreat and vacation center for churches and community members.  Located in the mountains above Palm Springs, the resort is located on the former filming grounds of the Bonanza TV series and is dedicated to the Body of Christ (www.alhatti.com.)


  1. B.O.S.S. The Movement takes place at churches and community organizations that are interested in hosting a curriculum for youth in their community. 
  2. Starting a B.O.S.S. The Movement curriculum for youth is as easy as following the steps below:

          a.  Identify two leaders (aspiring trainers) to attend a Vertical Leap Seminar.

          b.  Attend the Train the Trainer event during a Vertical Leap weekend.

          c.  After Vertical Leap, Demonstrate knowledge of principles.

          d.  Memorize all (10) B.O.S.S. The Movement pledges in and out of order.
          e.  Purchase a step-by-step "how-to" Trainer Manual and training CDs for each trainer.

          f.  Start your curriculum training!!!

  3. For additional instructions, please visit www.bossthemovement.com and click on the Training tab. Then from menu, click on “Sample Video and then follow the instructions to view the “Getting Started” video.  Attend the Vertical Leap Seminar in California by calling 909-861-3846 U.S. and International; or U.S. toll free 1-888-555-BOSS (2677).  The Vertical Leap Seminar is conducted each month in Southern California and select national and international locations.
  1. B.O.S.S. The Movement curriculum is designed for youth ages 7-19 years of age.  The B.O.S.S. The Movement teaches youth to: Turn negative behavior habits into positive ones.

2.  Classes are taught by Certified B.O.S.S. The Movement Trainers.  Certified Trainers are men and women of integrity who take a “Vertical Leap,” a stringent training process taught by B.O.S.S. Founders Al & Hattie Hollingsworth.  Trainers are selected by each individual host location.  


3.  Enrollment fees are determined by each individual location and can range from $65-$200.   The enrollment fee covers curriculum-issued materials including the Student Training Manuals, and covers payment for one semester (20 weeks of training) in the B.OS.S. The Movement curriculum. Some B.O.S.S. host sites may choose to provide the curriculum to their youth for free, by sponsoring the cost of the program.  The enrollment fee is left to the discretion of each individual host site.


  1. These are the words of other B.O.S.S. students that have already gone through the curriculum training!
    • “It has changed me for the good. I came into this class shy and fearful and I did not think that this class was going to help anything.  But I was wrong.  This class helped me become stronger, ore confident and most of all closer to the Lord.”  Phillip, 16 years old
    • “B.O.S.S. changed my life by helping me to make right choices.” Christian, 8 years old
    • “When I first started B.O.S.S., I wasn't confident in myself. I learned to grow in faith and walk spiritually in God.  B.O.S.S. also expanded my vocabulary.”  Kristina, 11 years old
    • “I earned to act on my dreams and do what God wants me to do.”  Branica, 13 years old