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Interested in Attending Vertical Leap?

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Here's the SIMPLE steps to attending a Vertical Leap.


First Time Attendees.


The 1st step in attending an Adult Vertical Leap Leadership Training is to attend ONE of our Introduction Webinars to explain the ministry (Who we are, What We Do, and Why we Do it).  This Webinar is hosted each Thursday evening at 6pm Pacific Standard time.  More details (including registration) can be found at http://webinar.bossthemovement.com.

Once you've attended the Introduction Webinar, you'll be instructed on how to register for the Actual Vertical Leap Training.

Registration links for Vertical Leap can be found on the Calendar page of our B.O.S.S. The Movement website as well and http://www.takeaverticalleap.com

On the Webinar, you'll be given complete details regarding registration and the Training.


Return Attendees (that have attended in one year or less) can simply visit our websites mentioned above to register online.

If you have not attended Vertical Leap in more than one year, then it is best that you attend the Webinar as well to be introduced to any new updates and information on what God is doing through the ministry.

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